Do Snake Fences Work?

Albuquerque snake

The Facts About Snake Fences
Snake fences are specifically built to keep snakes out of your property. Their entire purpose is to limit or eliminate snakes’ ability to enter through areas of the property, keeping your life snake-free. That sounds nice, but does it work? Anyone who has had to deal with pest deterrence methods in the past knows that not all options are equal. Sometimes, they work nowhere near as well as they say they will. With snake fences, there is something to them. You can, in many cases, rely on them to work as a way of deterring snakes. Big and small, they catch and keep out all types of snakes that attempt to pass. They are a worthy investment.

How They Work
Snake fences are elastic fences with small holes in them. Large snakes that attempt to enter your property will not be able to pass through them. They can try, but they will have no luck. Smaller snakes, those that can fit through the holes, will find themselves caught. The elastic will expand to allow a part of them through, and then close on their body. They remain stuck until you, or someone else, frees them. From here, you can remove the snake and bring it somewhere else, or you can contact a professional to come remove it. Either option will work wonderfully. With the fence all around your property, you do not have to worry about unwanted guests any time soon.

Using the Fence
The fence is an incredibly simple tool. That is why it works. Generally speaking, the most effective tools for pest removal and deterrence are the simplest ones. You set them up and let them do their job, removing whatever they leave behind. Snake fences typically come ready to set up and go, needing very little effort on your end. Prepackaged designs make them straightforward for everyone. On top of these fences, you will want a full physical fence. That extra layer of protection, where you can build it, will help immensely. For very small snakes, these may not work entirely. Some especially large snakes may climb the fence, adding an extra concern for you. More protection, in this instance, is not a bad thing.

Snake fences can work. They are a viable option for any property, with proven results. Anyone with a snake problem should consider having one of these around the property to deter and keep the snakes out. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Albuquerque